Dos and Don'ts

Alvantor Bubble Tent Instruction


NOTICE: To prevent your Bubble Tent from blowing away and collapsing, make sure to properly use ALL included guy lines. Guy lines are attached to the top AND bottom of every outside corner. Guy lines are meant to be spread out away from the bubble tent, not close to the base.
In cold weather, please note the transparent material is FRAGILE. To prevent accidental rips, tears or other deformities, please make sure to exercise caution when removing snow from the roof. Snow should be removed ONLY by gently brushing of the top of the tent.
✅If you expect to use the bubble tent in freezing or snowy weather, it is required to pull ALL guylines, use our sun shade/ snow cover accessories. Without these accessories, you may damage the roof when brushing snow off. The improper usage will not be covered by the 1-year limited warranty.
✅When inserting the end of the roof poles, please pay attention to the other side of the pole. Failure to do this may cause punctures or cuts to your bubble tents.
✅This Bubble Tent is leak when wet. It has a waterproof attachment top cover to be purchased separately.


❌ Snow should never be removed from the inside.

❌Don't assemble or disassemble the bubble tent in freezing temperatures if the transparent material seems brittle or stiff.

❌ Since it is hard to predict the cold temperature and snow volumn, we do not recommend to use and leave the bubble tent outside in freezing and snowing weather.

❌ Don't recommend to use the bubble tent when the wind force reaches level 6(10.8-13.8 m/s).

❌ Don't let the sharp goods touch the bubble tent.

How to assemble bubble Tent?

🔹Step1 Open the tent completely

🔹Step2 Insert the stakes

🔹Step3 Adjust guy line's length then pull it

🔹Step4 Insert the support poles into the pockets

🔹Step5 Hang the sand bag on the hooks

⚠️Tips on installing the support poles
Don’t forget to tie a beautiful bow at the end!

If you have also purchased the matching sun shade or top cover, the video below will be helpful!