5 Tips For Family Backyard Camping

Want to have an inexpensive yet amazing camping trip? Ever wished to have all your camping needs just a few feet away? Ever heard of backyard camping? Yes, you read it right! This article is all about having a great camping experience in the comfort of your own backyard. This post will introduce the advantages of backyard camping as well as the things you will need to make it a memorable and fun family activity.

Some may find it silly, but others will see the fun practicality. If you think that backyard camping is a bad idea, perhaps you simply haven't realized that having a fun and exciting camping trip doesn't totally depend on the camp site. With the slow economy that we're all feeling, its important to be budget conscious. Why venture to far off expensive camp sites when there are tons of things to do to get in touch with nature in your own backyard.

To have a successful backyard camping trip depends mainly on the preparation. Listed below are some tips on what things to prepare to make your outdoor adventure more exciting and enjoyable:

1. Portable outdoor speakers -

Portable outdoor speakers are excellent camping gadgets. They provide lively sound to motivate campers to engage in camp activities. Portable speakers come in different sizes and types. To avoid the hassles of laying out lengthy wires or cords go for a reliable outdoor wireless Bluetooth speaker. There are some relatively inexpensive portable Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with most USB enabled devices.

When choosing an outdoor speaker, it is important to remember to buy a compact, durable, and powerful speaker. Some portable speakers that are small in size can be surprisingly loud even in an open space environment. Select an outdoor speaker that is durable and can play from a good distance. This way you can place the speaker outside your tent and play nature sounds like owls and bears for a real sense of the wilderness!

Lastly, a portable speaker does not have to be super expensive or from a popular brand. There are some lesser known brands whose specifications are the same and are at par with those from super expensive ones. Additionally, be careful if the asking price seems too good to be true, it probably is and you may get stuck with a low-quality, unreliable product.

2. Tent and sleeping items -

Be sure to place the tent on a dry and level spot. Bring along comfortable sleeping items (blankets, pillows, etc.) especially for the kids. Depriving the kids of these essential items will definitely make for some cranky campers. An air mattress or sleeping pad is also recommended for a cozy night's sleep.

Buy the biggest tent you can afford. For a family of 4, a tent that sleeps 4 might be too small. Yeah.. You might say but my kids are small, they don't need a lot of space. OH! They do. Kids love to jump and run around. So a tent with enough headroom for you to stand up and for them to jump will give you some peace. Otherwise, you will be yelling 'No Jumping' all day long. You can also choose to rent a tent. However, after looking at the price, you can get a cheaper tent from Alvantor®One person can set it up in about 30 seconds, and take down in to a 39.3”x2.4” carry bag.

5 Tips For Family Backyard Camping

3. Flashlight -

A flashlight is a must if there are kids and they would be sleeping in a separate tent. Safety is the first priority even if it is only within the backyard.

4. Insect repellant -

One objective of camping is to have fun. It wouldn't be very fun if you or your kids are constantly annoyed by insect sounds or bites. When having a backyard camping trip, don't forget to bring an insect repellant as this would be extremely useful at night. Citronella candles are also good however; make sure put them out at bedtime to avoid a fire hazard.

5. Portable campfire -

What would a camp be without a camp fire? In case you don't know, camp fires are not only used for cooking, they can also be used as a heat source or a light source when the sun goes down. As mentioned, safety is of the utmost priority so never let kids handle the camp fire without adult supervision.

That's basically it. A great thing about backyard camping is that if you forget something or need something, you can easily get it inside the house. Have fun and enjoy your backyard campout!