Alvantor Bubble Tent - ABCNEWS Report

Two children in Seattle pose with Santa, who is set up for public visits from inside a show globe to help enforce social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. #santa #socialdistancing #covid19 #coronavirus #christmas #seattle⁠

Santa stay in bubble tent, keep himself and kids healthy!


-That is an awesome idea, and adds to the mystery!!!! Plus Santa stays safe and you’re not sitting your kids on someone you don’t knows lap!!! Win win.

-You know, for kids who are kind of scared of Santa this might be a good alternative in future Christmas!

-They done put Santa in "The Bubble"😂

-Hopefully next year everything will be ok. Let’s think positive !!!

-This “new normal” is not okay and this picture breaks my heart 😫😭

-Santa’s in a real life snow globe! This is the definition of laughing and crying 😁🎅😢