Alvantor Bubble Tent - Natgeotravel Report

Outdoor dining is getting creative in New York City as the weather is getting colder. I love walking around the city at night to document how different life looks since the start of the pandemic. For more images, follow me @dina_litovsky.

-Outdoor dining in Alvantor® Bubble Tent, keep healthy.


-Her work is amazing and really tells a story💫💫

-Yeah it's fine for restaurants to put up tents and bubbles and temporary shelters for "outdoor dining" in the winter, but when homeless people put up tents to try to keep warm in the winter it's not.

-Love outdoor dining in the city 😍

-Los Angeles should invest in the dining bubble technology instead of going into a complete shut down.

-That's imaging👏

-That would be awesome for family bubble outings😁

-How incredibly cool is this spot... love how the women are chatting against a backdrop of a beautiful shop .. 💜💜

-Yes! Great idea....very creative 👏👏👏

-I need one of those here in Fla where no mask mandate EVER.