Best Tents For Gatherings (Media Reports& Customer Reviews)

Social distancing rules are expected to drag into the coming months as vaccine rollout remains sluggish and Covid-19 keeps spreading. Indoor dining is still inadvisable and gathering inside someone’s home isn’t safe. Some Americans are turning to outdoor gatherings to maintain a sense of normalcy. But moving the party outdoors in the middle of winter comes with its own set of challenges, including low temperatures and unexpected weather — and outdoor tents for gathering sales are spiking.

Outdoor dining and activity has been a magical distraction from pandemic gloom. Small businesses like restaurants and coffee houses are trying to figure out what the future will be looking like for re-opening, with strict social distance order is still in place and masks are required for everybody.

The Alvantor® Bubble Tent could be the best Tent For Gatherings for all business types to suit any areas!

Are outdoor gatherings safe?

Gathering outdoors is safer than gathering inside, said Grayson. There’s typically sufficient air flow, which lessens the likelihood of transmission, he explained — regardless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises you maintain social distancing rules and, of course, keep your face mask on.

When you’re inside, the air is often recirculated and isn’t refreshed often, which means airborne droplets carrying the virus can hang in the air longer. A December 2020 study from the University of California estimates the odds of indoor virus transmission through the air are almost 19 times higher than in the outdoors. But health experts stress: Gathering outdoors does not make you immune to catching Covid. The virus can still spread through the air, depending on how far away you are from someone who’s infected.
"Call it a bubble, call it a dome, call it a yurt — but to survive, restaurants will have to get creative as it gets colder"

Ginia Bellafante- from The New York Times

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How to stay safe outside?

While an outdoor gathering is preferable to an indoor one, they’re certainly not as safe as not gathering at all. Experts outlined a couple safety tips for anyone hosting or attending an outdoor gathering:

  • Keep your distance. The CDC recommends remaining at least six feet apart from those not in your immediate household — and limiting your time with others, if possible.
  • Keep your voice down. It’s not just to avoid annoying neighbors. Screaming or singing can boost the chances of releasing droplets and airborne particles in the air.
  • Wear your face mask. While you may have to remove your mask to eat and drink, please spreading yourselves apart even more while eating and drinking, and putting your mask back on as soon as you’re done.
  • Wash your hands frequently. While you’re less likely to touch an infectious surface at an outdoor gathering, there are still handles, glasses, plates and other items that many have touched.
  • Avoid touching communal items altogether. Bring your own drinks, food utensils or plates. If you do share items, wash your hands immediately after and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Monitor alcohol intake. Covid precautions may fly out the window once you start drinking.
  • Stick to your “bubble.” These self-contained networks of friends or family who agree to follow the same Covid rules can limit your exposure to the virus.
  • Stick to your principles. No one really wants to wear a mask, but be bold. It’s OK to be the only one wearing one, because it shows you know how masks reduce the spread.


The Alvantor® bubble tent is perfect for moving your business outdoors and into the fresh air. Not only will this allow your business to keep operating during this difficult period, your new outdoor dining tent or work tent will increase your capacity and entice more customers with your nice, outdoor area. 

  • Portable Pop-up Outdoor Gazebo】 Versatile Screened-In Igloo Tent Allows You to Take Shelter, Entertain, Play & Dine in the Great Outdoors | Enjoy Dependable Protection from Wind, Sun, Insects & Other Threats While Camping, Hiking, Relaxing on the Beach, Tailgating & Picnicking

  • Ready To Use Straight Out The Box】 No Complex Assembly or Tools Required! | Single-Person Setup Lets You Enjoy Your Dome On-the-Go in Nearly Any Outdoor Environment in a Matter of Seconds

  • Fits 5-15 People】  Alvantor Big Bubble Gazebo providing a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 5-15 adults, huge interior space for patio furniture. Multiple panel super transparent PVC, allows a clear, 360°view.

  • PVC Panels】 The Alvantor bubble tent is made of non-toxic , soft, transparent, robust 300mic, UV resisted, NPFA 701 - ASTM E84 Fire Retardant PVC,  which can keep warm in winter

  • Customers Satisfication First】: Alvantor bubble tent offers a 1-year limited warranty. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us freely. We will provide you speedy service!

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Be Creative With Alvantor® Bubble tent


"As a teacher in a metro Atlanta high school I was scared to return to work with Covid-19 rates increasing. I also knew not to expect my school district to be open and completely transparent regarding colleagues and/or students that might test positive for the disease. In knowing my concerns my adult daughter found your bubble tent on Amazon. It was so easy to pop open and install in my classroom. Needless to say many co-workers have heard about my bubble and some even come to my room to take a picture in it."  -----Dr. Jeanne Dillon
“Life changing! Incredible product during a pandemic!
We are SO excited about the Alvantor Bubble Tent! It is serving as an outdoor classroom for me as I tutor students during the pandemic. I store all my supplies in and use it for protection on yucky weather days!“ ---Amazon Customer Dori

A real customer review about Alvantor Bubble Tent from a Santa

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Alvantor® is definitely the Best Gathering Tent, you can put it in the yard, at home, or even in the wild. The Bubble Tent is basically a transparent apartment that you could set up pretty much anywhere you desire all in the confines of a bubble. It allows you to view the stars while you slumber, and sleep closer to nature than you ever thought possible.

  • Innovative Patented Design】: Automatic open with fiberglass ribs, Innovative folding technique makes it easy to fold down
  • Instant Pop Up & Take Down】: One person can set it up in about 30 seconds, and take down in to a 39.3”x2.4” carry bag
  • Spacious Space】: It provides a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 6-15 adults and patios
  • Covid-19 Safe】: Outdoor Shade&Shelter Solutions For All Business Type and Personal Use

Best Tents For Gatherings

Best Tents For Gatherings

Best Tents For Gatherings

Best Tents For Gatherings

Best Tents For Gatherings

Alvantor® tent allows you to gathering with friends and family happily while staying healthy. What are you waiting for? Get the best gathering tent now!