Bubble Craze Spreads to More Restaurants

Enter the bubble at Lucciola.

We’ve all been living in bubbles for months, and now our metaphorical isolation is becoming a real phenomenon at local restaurants — bubbles are hot new seating structures at multiple Upper West Side joints.

The first one to get publicity for the craze was Cafe du Soleil on Broadway and 104th Street. Our story about those bubbles was followed by similar pieces in national and even international outlets.

Others are getting into bubbles too. At Lucciola, an Italian spot on 90th and Amsterdam, a large bubble (above) has also been attracting diners. They got it on Amazon and it has the fancy-sounding name of Alvantor Winter Screen House Room. Description: “Featuring excellent warmth retention, water-proof, wind-resistant and PVC allows for a warm and relaxing outdoor space for you and your family on rainy, snowy & windy days. Best transparent room to enjoy garden, backyards, travel, parties, afternoon tea, picnic or meetings.” Lucciola says they thoroughly sanitize the bubble between parties. And they say they only seat one group in it per night.

Even the pup!

And E’s Bar at 511 Amsterdam and 85th has a somewhat smaller one too. “We are wiping down with disinfectant and spraying Lysol between,” owner Erin Bellard wrote to us.

Resource: https://www.westsiderag.com/2020/10/01/bubble-craze-spreads-to-more-restaurants