Family Tents Offer Comfort and Ease For Camping

The word, "tent," conjures images of uncomfortable nights spent lying directly on the ground in a small, cramped canvas shelter, but family tents today have so much more to offer. You can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation in comfort and ease. While this type of tents are not the answer for long backpacking trips in which you need to carry your compact tent, they are ideal for family vacations in public campsites.

Cabin Tents make Great Family Tents

A great option in family tents is the cabin tent. These are made of heavy duty fabric, and are tall enough to stand up straight inside. Generally including two doors, these tents feel more like cabin structures than like tents. These tents even divided into "rooms" with the use of canvas walls. This allows some privacy for family members at night or divides the sleeping area from living space. This is a great tent if you are traveling with children who nap during the day, or for times when the weather is less than favorable and you need a place to escape the elements.

Porches and Vestibules

The idea of a family tent is to create a canvas or nylon substitute for a travel trailer. They are easier to transport than campers, and certainly easier to maintain. Additionally, there is a cost savings in purchase and no insurance necessary. Family tents can include many of the amenities that you will find with a camper, including mesh screens with windows that roll up and down and zip, much like a camper window opens and closes, creating ventilation and privacy in turns.

The covered porches and vestibules that are attached to the sides of your tent give your shelter an even homier feel. The key to these vestibules is more than just feel and appearance, however. Every inch of these family tents is planned and designed with purpose and comfort in mind. The covered porch gives you a place to leave dirty shoes, outerwear, and even a bicycle, keeping them sheltered from the elements, but also helping you keep the inside of your tent clean.

Dome Tents

While these family tents are very fancy and extravagant with extra walls and windows, simple dome tents may also be desirable. These simple tents are easy to set up quickly and easy to clean and maintain. They come in a range of sizes and heights, so you can choose according to what your personal family needs.

Thanks to the availability of taller tents, you can not only stand up straight in your tent, you can also use cots and air mattresses for sleeping. This is ideal for longer camping trips or for individuals whose backs no longer want to lie down on the cold hard ground. It is easy to use either of these options in taller family tents because of the extra space above and around your sleeping area.

Bubble Tents

Bubble Tent Allows You to Take Shelter, Entertain, Play & Dine in the Great Outdoors | Enjoy Dependable Protection from Wind, Sun, Insects & Other Threats While Camping, Hiking, Relaxing on the Beach, Tailgating & Picnicking. No Complex Assembly or Tools Required! One person can set it up in about 30 seconds, and take down in to a 39.3”x2.4” carry bag.

Alvantor Bubble Tent providing a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 5-15 adults, huge interior space for patio furniture. Multiple panel super transparent PVC, allows a clear, 360°view.

The bubble tent is made of non-toxic , soft, transparent, robust 300mic, UV resisted, NPFA 701 - ASTM E84 Fire Retardant PVC, which can keep warm in winter.


Choosing your new screen house tent wisely will ensure years of use and enjoyment for you, family and friends.