How to Buy a Family Tent?

So you've decided to brave the great outdoors and embark on a family camping trip. One of the most important decisions you have to make is what type of family tent to buy. While at first it may seem like an expensive undertaking, it will be one that will pay for itself over and over again for years to come. Just think what decent hotel rooms cost per night for a family of five! When searching for the perfect camping tent, there are a few important things to keep in mind before making your final purchase.

Camping tent manufacturers often overestimate the number of people who can fit comfortably in a tent. As a rule of thumb, always add one or two people to your estimate when buying a tent for your family. If you plan on camping with two adults and three children, look for a family tent that can sleep seven or more people.

Nevertheless, the family can still share one tent because it poses a lesser hassle in bringing more than one tent. However, when one of the family members decide to bring his own, let him. Perhaps he is just uncomfortable sleeping beside others or maybe he is just not accustomed in being close with the family. Tents are also a nice for team building because it helps the people inside it to get to know each other better. Tents are for all occasions and for all people coming from all lifestyles.

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Alvantor Bubble Tent providing a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 5-15 adults, huge interior space for patio furniture. Multiple panel super transparent PVC, allows a clear, 360°view.

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Instant Pop Up & Take Down:  No Complex Assembly or Tools Required! One person can set it up in about 30 seconds, and take down in to a 39.3”x2.4” carry bag.

Alvantor® Bubble Tent Allows You to Take Shelter, Entertain, Play & Dine in the Great Outdoors. Enjoy Dependable Protection from Wind, Sun, Insects & Other Threats While Camping, Hiking, Relaxing on the Beach, Tailgating & Picnicking. NPFA 701 - ASTM E84 Fire Retardant PVC,  which can keep warm in winter.

Alvantor bubble tent offers free shipping and a 1-year limited warranty. 
Alvantor® Pop Up Bubble Tent UK
Family tents are still tents that focus on the needs of the family. Whatever each family member needs, they will surely find a tent that they like. Just consider how much you are willing to spend because there are tents that are out of reach as far as your budget is concerned. It is okay to buy secondhand tents as long as you see that you can still use it. Nevertheless, it is advisable that when you feel that the tent needs a replacement, do it. Using the tent with damages already might pose more trouble. The worse thing that can happen is when the tent collapses on top of you and you would not be able to get out.  

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